Jess Anderson - Antidote 71 Website Homepage
Responsive Design of Antidote 71 Homepage.

Website Design

Antidote 71 underwent a renaming and rebranding process in 2016 and an updated website was needed to represent new direction from the agency. A responsive site and a modern content management system were key improvements over its predecessor.

Once the logo and basic guidelines were established, I was tasked with representing the brand through the website. A forward-minded and energetic feel for the agency’s online presence was established. Orange has been a consistent color through the agency’s history and helped to establish energy behind the branding. Large, textural images provide a majority of the site’s color, while use of grays in backgrounds and typography provide the modern feel the agency was striving for.

Working from a mobile-first mentality, the site was designed with modular feel where feature sections, specifically on the homepage, were built to be easily swapped out as focus changed. Interactive buttons with CSS animations pushed the forward-thinking mindset. The icons, typography and other brand assets work nicely with the agency’s print materials for continuity.

I designed the structure, page templates and layouts, typography, and interactive pieces of the site. I worked with peers in establishing guidelines and creating the imagery and iconography implemented in the site.

Jess Anderson - Antidote 71 Capabilities Page
Antidote 71 Capabilities Page
Jess Anderson - Antidote 71 Single Blog Post
Single Blog Post Template with Featured Image Embedded in Content Area

Website Development

The previous site was built on a outdated content management system and was difficult for someone without coding skills to update or maintain. For the new site, WordPress was a good fit knowing that members of the team were most familiar with WordPress and the CMS was capable of handling any of the agency’s needs.

I ensured the site was straightforward to edit, easy to maintain and provided options for page layouts, columns, image placement, etc., for the editors. Various page templates and single post templates were included for different layouts, specifically where a featured image was displayed on a page. Several shortcodes were created to provide the editors with options for columns, spacing, button placement, etc. Tools for SEO were included for easy editing on pages and posts to optimize for search results and social media sharing.

Custom post types were developed for team members, portfolio projects, capabilities and careers pages. Some of these have not been implemented as of yet, but they were built to be easily expanded upon when needed.

One challenge with this project was including a teaser video in the featured image area on the homepage (no longer in use on the current site). I ensured users could get to the content of the site without delay from a slow-loading video. The site first loaded a background image in place of the video, then loaded the remainder of the page. Afterward, the site went through parameters to determine the device type and to decide if the video would be loaded. If the device passed, the video was loaded from a Vimeo embed and auto-played without taking the user away from their objective.

Jess Anderson - Antidote 71 - Full-length of Homepage
Full-length View of Homepage