Web Design

The Capelli Blow Out Bar was a Sioux City startup that provided blow-dry hair styles and makeup services. As part of the Antidote 71 team, I assisted in establishing their branding and design materials, specifically the website.

The branding and the imagery the salon was looking for was a combination of retro and luxury. They wanted to portray the business as something very different for the market, giving their customers the feeling that it was more than just getting their hair styled, it was an event in itself.

Everything from the color palette, to the typography, to the imagery used on the website has the intention of giving a sophisticated feeling to the brand. The use of blacks and dark grays fit nicely with matching printed materials like their business cards and menu books, and allowed the teal and gold highlights to grab the viewer’s attention.

I also created a unique navigation style that displayed the navigation as a full-screen overlay. Utilizing this type of navigation added to the uniqueness of the experience, without becoming complex and scaring users away.

Capelli Website - Responsive Homepage
Responsive Homepage Layout

Capelli Website - Navigation Overlay
Navigation Overlay for Desktop and Mobile
Capelli Website - Services Page
Interior Services Page

Web Development

This site was a custom built, responsive WordPress site. For the site, I utilized subtle transitions and CSS animations to add to the sophistication of the user experience. The display of the navigation had an easing transition that brought the overlay into view in a fluid motion. The dark background included a texture with parallax effects as the user scrolls down the page. The featured buttons on the homepage had a unique hover display with an inner border, adding to the luxurious feel for the site.

Capelli Website - Full-Length Homepage Design
Full-Length Homepage Design