two key elements impact my branding – adaptability and personality. My branding is intended to enhance project work, like this website, so creating an adaptable and simple logo is strategic.

Designed for it’s readability and simplicity, the primary logo resides next to project work without overpowering the work itself. The secondary “JA” logomark, infuses personality with understated but creative design.

To showcase my personal style, I created several icons to represent my interests and passions. Icons include imagery for design, coding, music, gaming and pro wrestling.

Personal Branding - Primary Logo
Primary Logo

Personal Branding Secondary Logo
Secondary Logo on Color Palette

Personal Branding - Icons
Patter of Icons Representing Personal Interests

Print Design

Utilizing my brand designs, I strategically developed how everything works together and feels part of the same family. Designing the print materials in congruence with my online media maintains consistency across the board.

I established my typographical guidelines that carried through to print and online materials. Readability and a consistent hierarchy of information is the focus

Business cards and letterhead showcase my personality, while my portfolio book highlights project work.

Personal Branding - Stationery

Personal Branding - Business Cards
Business Cards

Personal Branding - Letterhead

Web Design

My website is where the adaptability of my brand really comes into play. My branding maintains focus for the home, about and contact pages, while project work shines through callouts and on individual pages. The minimalistic feel of the header and footer allow project materials to stand out without distraction from my own branding.

Usability allows users to access the information they’re looking for quickly and easily. Responsive design ensures this site looks and functions appropriately regardless of screen size.

The overall feel ties in nicely with print materials and social media graphics, ensuring no matter how a user is first introduced, it feels part of the same family.

Personal Branding Website - Responsive Homepage
Responsive View of Homepage

Personal Branding Website About Page
About Page with Mobile View

Personal Branding Webite - Project Page
Project Page

Web Development

This site was custom built with WordPress, started on the Underscores starter theme with Sass CSS extension language. Rapid load times and usability regardless of screen size are crucial components for this image-heavy site.

One of the more complex parts of this site was creating the custom post type for the projects. This post type is used to display posts listed on the homepage and project pages with slimmed-down information. The single post pages, like this current page, show the full information and imagery on the project. A custom portfolio taxonomy allows users to see similar projects under the same category. A random project is displayed at the bottom of the page encouraging the user to view another project.

Personal Branding Website - Mobile
Mobile Homepage and Navigation Overlay

Personal Branding Website - Full-Length View
Full-Length View of Homepage