Web Design

I designed and developed this website for Technical Support, Inc. (TSI) in Omaha, NE while at Antidote 71. TSI is a tech-based company focused on building a variety of hardware and software. The goals of their site was to better represent their company and the services they offer and to give their sales team another point of contact with potential clients.

The design of the site has a modern, technical feel. The featured image area has a hard angle motif inspired by circuitry and the TSI icon logo. The two service areas are featured in large, hoverable call-outs on the homepage providing interactivity to the site.

Utilizing a straightforward navigation and a clear, understandable hierarchy of information provides viewers with a clear understand of what TSI is about and what their capabilities are. Uses of call-out boxes and clean typography help to break up word-heavy pages.

TSI Website - Responsive Homepage
Responsive Homepage Layouts

TSI Website - Capabilities Page
Capabilities Page and Displays Navigation Change on Scroll
TSI Website - Mobile
Mobile Responsive Homepage and Navigation Overlay

Web Design


This responsive site was custom built in WordPress. The site has an interactive feel with use of subtle CSS animations on hoverable areas.

The TSI sales team wanted to bolster their online presence through their case studies and blogging efforts. The site includes an area above the footer displaying a most recent post in either their Case Studies or News categories. On the individual Capabilities pages, the site would display a post that best fits the individual service (either “electronic design” or “contract manufacturing”)¬†based on it’s applied categories.

TSI Website - Full-Length Homepage Design
Full-Length Homepage Design